Provides expertise for the whole life-cycle of exploiting heavy rotating equipment, compressors, pumps and valves from purchasing, installation and testing, up to troubleshooting and extending lifetime of heavy wear subjected parts.

Write technical specifications for:
  • Heavy rotating equipment
  • Compressors
  • Pumps (API)
  • Valves
Technical and Commercial Bid Evaluation Advise Based on Life Cycle Cost & Total Cost of Ownership Advise on Remaining Lifetime Arrange and Lead Vendor Clarifications Meetings Advise Purchase, Procurement Department Perform Inspection According Inspection & Test Plan
Witness tests:
  • performance test
  • mechanical run test
  • functional test
  • factory acceptance test
  • site acceptance test
Commissioning and Startup Supervision Extend Lifetime of (Heavy) Wear Subjected Parts Troubleshooting on (Heavy Rotating) Equipments

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Some of the actual work

Study NG piston compressor

NG gas motor driven: 1000.000 Nm3/h or more, with highest efficiency and lowest NOx and CO emissions. Replacement of gas turbines by VSDS. Upgrade gas turbines to reduce NOx and CO to meet European standards. Erection of MOPICO RM 40 pipeline compressors. Study on problems with Active Magnetic Bearings in the field of heavy duty compression (NG 1000.000 Nm3/h and more).

Upgrade Gas turbines Solar Centaur (3x), driver NG centrifugal compressors:

(1000.000 Nm3/h or more), to improve: Capacity output. Reduce NOx and CO emissions within specifications (Dutch), authority regulations. Replace hydraulic (valve) fuel system by electronic gas (valve) fuel system because of performance and safety reasons.

Upgrade Gas turbines Siemens Stal-laval (3x), driver NG centrifugal compressors:

(1000.000 Nm3/h), from air starter to E-motor starter system with VSD (variable speed drive). Water wash system upgrade.

Upgrade Gas turbines MAN TURBO (3x), driver NG centrifugal compressors

(1000.000 Nm3/h), modify to meet emission requirements (TA-Luft), and guarantee long term reliability and availability (25 yr).

Replacements of Gas turbines Solar (3x), driver NG centrifugal compressors.

Actual: NG compressor package units have very low efficiency and high NOx and CO emissions. Modify system to meet: Highest efficiency possible for the package units; Fuelled by own transport medium (NG), leads to gas engines; Lowest NOx and CO emissions

Upgrade to improve NG transport capacity.

Installation of two (2) NG pipeline compressors 1000.000 Nm3/h (GE or MAN TURBO MOPICO or HOFIM). Must guarantee long term reliability and availability (25 yr).

Replacement of gas turbines by VSD.

Actual: NG centrifugal compressor, gas turbines driven have a low efficiency and a high NOx and CO emission and high gas turbine maintenance costs. Power available on site (10 kVA). Gas turbines will be replaced by VSD (3x). Must guarantee long term reliability and availability (25 yr).

Upgrade liquid N2 /LNG, vaporizer,

mixing system to meet end-users requirements. N2 pumps (minus (-) 195 degr. C. Vertical, centrifugal, multistage. Capacity: 120 m3/h liquid N2. Pressure: 90 barg.

Machinery Rotating specialist GLT/ NAM (Groningen / Holland), Gasco / Abu Dhabi:

Long Term Asset Replacement Program: determination of remaining life time of refinery rotating equipment, maintenance coordination, upgrading advise, revision coordination and inspection.

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